The Competition

If you searched for “The Calving Book” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, it is very possible that you found more than one option. You probably saw The Calving Book, The Calving Book Lite, ICalve, and maybe a few others. With all of the options out there, theres a lot to think about.
Believe me, when the process of finding an app started, I didn’t know one thing about making an app. That thought had never even crossed my mind, so I was certainly going to try to download one first. I (along with a few others on my farm) searched long and hard for one but could never find anything to fit the bill. Obviously, we needed an app that would keep track of the basic things like calf id, gender, weight, date of birth, etc.
We did eventually stumble upon a few that hit those basic requirements but didn’t allow us to sort the calves in different pastures or books. That was essential for us because we calve out in 3 different places plus we would need to keep the records from year to year.
Another issue we had was that many apps weren’t available for both iOS and Android so then it still wouldn’t do any good if everyone couldn’t be all synced up. That may have been the biggest issue that we faced.
Additionally, many of the the iOS apps used iCloud instead of being backed up to their own database. That’s great when only one person is involved but when you have 6 guys that need access, it isn’t always convenient to all be back up to the same account. Everything gets jumbled up and soon one person is getting the others contacts and pictures.
This app was made by me, myself, and I. I didn’t hire out to get it done so I really think that makes it easier for you to get the support you deserve. Since I know exactly how it works, I can offer support in a reasonable time period. Another benefit of me making it by myself, is that I have total control. I can update and add new features as I see necessary and as you see necessary. That is why it is really important that I get your feedback. I want to know what you  feel should be included for the best possible user experience.