Big Update for The Calving Book Plus!

I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us but we have been busy making improvements to the app. As calving season is about to start firing up for most people, we have been busy adding features to The Calving Book Plus (pro update coming soon!). This update will be our big update of the season, but we will, of course, be continuously rolling out new features as necessary. Also, refer to this post from last year for tips regarding the new season.
This most recent update contains:

  • New look
  • Navigation menu available on all pages
  • Sire page
  • Cull reports
  • Calf color
  • Notes page addition
  • Keywords list located on ‘Books’ page
  • Computer access
  • Bug fixes

A lot of these changes are relatively minor but we hope that they will be a great asset to you. Please keep reading for an explanation of some of the features.

New Look:

Pretty self-explanatory…we are in the process of making the app look less cluttered and more modern by making a greater contrast between the background and the buttons.

Navigation Menu:

Along with the new look we are using, we also added a navigation menu to every page. The calving records page still serves as the “home base”, but now it will be easier to jump from one page to another.

Sire Page

The sire page is very similar to the ‘Cows’ page. We are constantly working with it to make it more in-depth! Stay tuned for further advancements!

Cull Report

The cull report is similar to the pairout and dead report. It can be found on the ‘Reports’ panel.

Calf Color

As some of you may have noticed, we have added the ability to color-code calf records. It has been brought to our attention that it would be nice to see at a glance whether a calf has been treated lately or not so we have added another color to the lineup-royal blue! If you enter in a shot record for a calf, on the main screen where the records are listed, the calf/cow id will be royal blue for TWO WEEKS ONLY. After those two weeks, it will go back to the default color.

  • Royal blue: calf has been treated in the past two weeks
  • Sky blue: cow/calf pair has been paired out
  • Yellow: culled
  • Red: dead

Please note that you can use these features however you want as long as you know your system.

Notes Page

We have replaced the ‘Alerts’ page with a notes page. All records entered on the alerts page have been converted to the ‘Notes’ page. Further development to come!

Computer Access

This update also brings the ability to use The Calving Book Plus on your computer. Please note that this feature is not available to Pro users.
Steps to use:

  1. Log into the app on your mobile device (make sure you are updated to the latest version)
  2. From the navigation menu, click ‘Help’.
  3. There you will see either your access code if you have one, or you will have the opportunity to generate one if needed.
  4. Once you have your access code, on your computer go to
  5. At the top of the page, click the ‘Online Access’ button.
  6. You will now be taken to a page that looks similar to how the app looks on your phone. Log in as you normally would but in addition to a username and password, you need to enter the access code from step 3.

Please note that while most features are available on the computer, some are meant for mobile devices only.

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