The Calving Book 3.5

So I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that there have been some really cool changes to The Calving Book Pro in the last few weeks. Two that I am really excited are the offline compatibility and the option to export your calving book. The offline feature came a little later than I originally hoped but a lot went into perfecting it so it took just a little longer. The export feature came just in time for most people because calving is winding down for the year. Here is a little bit of an explanation on each.

Offline Use:

When you want to create a calf when you do not have any service, your phone will automatically detect the lack of service and then save the calf information locally. In the case that you have minimal service, turn your phone or device on airplane mode. You do, however, need to be signed in prior to wanting to use the app offline. Your session will last 3 hours before you have to sign-in again. In the case that your books will not load because of the poor connection, there is a pre-made “Offline Book” where you can save calf data. Once you are connected to the internet, you can move entries around to where they need to be.


The export feature is pretty simple to use. You simply click the info button in the upper left corner of the main page, then you click export. From there, you enter your email address and click send. The app will generate the files based on whatever book you are currently in then send them. You will see a confirmation that the email was sent. If you have a book with a lot of entries, it will take a little longer. Your email will come from “” and will contain two attachments. One is a PDF and one is a CSV file. The CSV opens in Microsoft Excel. Excel is a VERY powerful program. Within it, you can average weights and sort and filter data. If you use some sort of ranch management software you can try to import your calving data but since there are so many programs, it is not specifically made for a certain one. Let me know how it works for you!

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  1. I recently got a new phone, unfortunately I lost my Icalve app and info, how can I get it back, don’t want to buy it again

    1. This is The Calving Book app not iCalve. With either app, you can use iCloud(iPhones only) to download it without paying for it again. With The Calving Book app, you just have to sign in with the same credentials and you will have all of your data back. I do not know for sure how iCalve works but I think it might be saved locally on your phone so you might not be able to recover it.

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