The Calving Book Plus

The Calving Book Plus has been launched in the Apple App Store! Android version coming soon! The past few weeks have been completely crazy as I have been working non-stop to get this app released and also get the update to the pro app out.  Below you will find a tutorial for the plus app.

Log-on Screen

Use your real e-mail and a password you can easily remember to create an account. If you created an account with either the lite app or the pro app, you can use the same username and password. All data is transferred. iOS Simulator Screen Shot Dec 23, 2014, 7.02.51 PM

Main Screen

(1)Here is where all of the calves will be listed once they are created. The menu on the left under the header is where you can select which book you want to view. The menu on the right sorts the records. (2) If you click on the calf you want to view, it will take you to the details page where you can edit or delete the record. (3) This is just the view of the same page only scrolled down a bit. If you check either “Dead” or “Paired Out” it will change the color on the main screen. Red is dead, blue is paired out, and black is neither.

Adding a Calf

To add a calf, click the + button in the upper right corner the panel which houses all of the fields that are available. (If you want one that isn’t there, let me know!) It is essential that you pick what book you want it filed under so you will be able to see it later. Know that the data picker defaults to the current date but you can change it if you need to. When your network connection is non-existent, you will receive a notification saying that the calf is saved locally and will be synced when a better connection is established.
You can customize the fields by going to the “Settings” page and checking the boxes of the fields you want to see and clicking save.
Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2016, 7.48.34 PM


The menu button is located in the upper left corner of the main screen. From this panel, you can navigate throughout the whole app. Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2016, 6.38.56 PM

Adding a Book

The “Books” page is where you can create an unlimited number of books. This is a useful tool especially when you want to divide records in terms of year, location, or anything else you could think of. Simply enter the name of the book and click enter or return. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY USE LETTERS AND NUMBERS. NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS.Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2016, 7.29.24 PM


The “Alerts” page is pretty straight forward. The “Add Alert” button is at the bottom of the page and it will open a panel with the tools to create the alert. The picture below is the expanded view of an alert.
Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2016, 6.39.15 PM

Breeding Records

The ability to add breeding records is new to the line of The Calving Book apps and is only available in the plus version of the app. The great thing about the newly added breeding records is that most of the page works offline. You can create, update, and delete records without a good network connection.
The arrow in the upper right corner will open a popup that gives you the option to add a calf or edit multiple records. (1) Add calf panel: As you type a Cow ID, it searches your previous calving records for possible matches in a Cow ID. You can click on the ID and it will appear in the box. (2) The search bar searches based on Cow ID and Keyword. (3) This popup appears if you click on a record. (4) This is the update all panel. If you leave a field blank, it will not update that field. Or in other words, only the fields that have a value or a changed value will be updated. The select menu towards the bottom of the panel will determine what records are updated. Select the keyword that is tied the records you want changed. (5) Before update…(6)…after update.

Preg-Checking Records

The ability to add preg-checking records is also new. It works very similarly to the breeding records page. Your records are all interlinked. So while you are creating a pre-checking record, there is, again, a list of options that could possibly be what you are looking for. When you click on the Cow ID, it will automatically select a keyword for you based on what the keyword was on the selection you made. You cannot update multiple records at a time.

You can create, update, and delete records without a good network connection.

Weaning Records

Weaning records are also among the new features of this app and again, it works similarly to the breeding records and the preg-checking records. Your records are, again, all interlinked.


The export feature as not changed. You still simply enter your e-mail in the box and click send.
Simulator Screen Shot Feb 5, 2016, 8.51.26 PM